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1 in 5 people have a learning difference that affects their capacity to read (Yale University) and without appropriate intervention, 74% of children diagnosed with learning differences will continue to experience reading difficulties into adulthood.

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1 in 5 Need an Orton-Gillingham Trained Tutor

The Orton-Gillingham approach has proven successful with students who have struggled with reading and spelling in traditional classroom settings despite normal intelligence, hearing and vision.  It was developed in the 1930’s on the basis of research performed by Dr. Samuel Orton, a neurologist, and Anna Gillingham, a psychologist and reading teacher.  Early remediation is most effective; however, these strategies can be adapted for successful use with older students.  It teaches structured phonics and knowledge of spelling rules and generalizations in a multisensory way.  A student’s opportunity for success is increased because lessons build on previously taught concepts and are presented in a systematic, sequential fashion.  The result is the development of life-long language skills and the wonderful feeling of success in the world of written language. Read more about the Orton-Gillingham Approach as Taught By SLD Read.

Only 64% of students with learning disabilities graduated with a regular high school diploma (National Center for Learning Disabilities, 2009).

60% of poor adult readers have undetected or untreated learning disabilities (NICHD).

15% of Americans with low literacy scores are unemployed (NAAL).

Of the 93 million adults in the U.S. functioning at or below basic levels of literacy, 30 million are the parents or primary caregivers of children ages 0-8 (National Center for Family Literacy).

You can make a difference for West Michigan. You can help “1 in 5” beat the odds!

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SLD Read’s Phonics Fundamentals © for Tutors provides a thorough introduction to the Orton-Gillingham approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling. Training courses have been scheduled for September 2014 in our Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo offices. Read more about becoming a tutor and making reading possible with SLD Read.

ida-accredited-logoSLD Read is one of only two centers in West Michigan which provides IMSLEC accredited training and meets the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) Standards for Teachers of Reading. SLD Read is the only provider with a mission to provide a comprehensive community approach with services for children and adults, educators including tutors, parents and childcare providers and community awareness workshops to better prepare our entire communities for supporting and engaging the unique talents of individuals with dyslexia. SLD Read is also the only comprehensive literacy provider whose service area spans 14 counties service area, making us truly the leading literacy resource in West Michigan.




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