Fixing Poverty

A couple of weeks back, I spent a Friday morning with about a hundred teachers from one West Michigan district. My goal for the day was to talk about poverty and the developing brain. I wanted to share with the teachers and administrators in the room what children in poverty go through and what those […]


The Power of Empathy

Ask any teacher, and they’ll tell you that empathy is incredibly difficult to teach. Its lack is unfortunately evident in our schools and classrooms as children defined as outside of the norm by their peers continue to be bullied and harassed to the point of poor attendance, at best, or suicide, at the absolute worst. […]


Eye Spy Special

I’m sitting here today, with Christmas barreling down on me, thinking about what is and isn’t special. This reminds me that, a few years back, my mother was gifted a charm bracelet. Unfortunately, I don’t live close enough to her to describe with any accuracy all of the charms currently hanging from it. But, as […]