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Kids Like ConnorMy name is Connor and I’m in sixth grade. A few weeks ago I broke my arm. My doctor said that it would only take about six weeks to fix it. I have to wear a cast right now and then a splint, but I should be able to play on my school’s basketball team even if I miss a few practices in the beginning of the season. I think it is so cool that my body knows how to fix my arm without having to do anything other than hold it still.

That is really different from how hard I have to work to keep up in school and make sense of things I read. I have dyslexia. My parents figured out that I have dyslexia when I was in Kindergarten after my teacher talked to them about how I was doing in class. They asked her about how to help me and then they called SLD Read. After I took some tests, I met my SLD Read tutor and she told me all about dyslexia.

I learned that it doesn’t get fixed like my broken arm will. I have to work hard every day. But, my tutor showed me how to understand (my mom says “decode”) what I saw on paper and even stuff my teacher writes on the board in class. At first it was really hard. But, I kept practicing and now I hardly notice each step. Usually I can just read like other kids in my class. Sometimes I get a little confused, but I know all kinds of ways to help myself now.

My parents tell me all the time that I am lucky because they learned about SLD Read when I was so young. Maybe if we all give a little to SLD Read then they can help more kids like me?

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SLD Read Student

PS ~ Connor is an amazing kid who has made incredible strides over the past six years. Along the way we’ve always felt supported by SLD Read. Trust me; nobody wants to make this journey alone! Please join me by making a donation to help SLD Read do what it takes to assist children like Connor on their journey toward literacy success. Connor really is lucky. And, with your help so many other people will be lucky too. Thanks for helping ~       Maureen (Connor’s mom)

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