Annual Drive

SLD Read is looking forward to an impactful and rewarding 2019!  Our resolution is to make reading possible and accessible to all.  Please help SLD Read meet our vision of a community working together for literacy that empowers all individuals to achieve their full potential.

As a nonprofit community resource, SLD Read has been serving students and schools throughout West Michigan for almost half a century. A pioneer in recognizing and serving children with dyslexia, SLD Read was instrumental in the formation of the Michigan branch of the International Dyslexia Association in 1976.

As West Michigan communities have grown and dyslexia awareness has begun to take hold, the need for tutoring services, professional development and community outreach has increased. For those children who struggle with text and do not receive the necessary instruction or intervention to learn how to read, studies have shown that the future will be bleak. That’s why SLD Read hopes that in 2019, you will resolve to help all student learn to read.

SLD Read’s Annual Drive

How can you help?  Become an SLD Read tutor, make a donation to support our intervention and professional development programming during our annual drive, talk to friends about SLD Read, or contact one of our offices to find out more!

In order to assure that more people who struggle with reading get the tools they need to succeed, we need your help. Make a contribution today and change the outlook for tomorrow.


annual drive

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Did You Know

In 2018/2019

SLD Read provided 12,629 sessions of one- to-one tutoring services to 378 students.

SLD Read provided 56 students free services through our Language Links Volunteer Program and Rite Steps Program.

SLD Read worked with 636 educators to help give them the tools necessary to reach all learners in their classrooms.  231 educators took our Phonics Fundamentals class.  The largest number in our history!

SLD Read could not do this without the support of people like you!

Thank You!