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SLD Read's Road to Reading Video Series

SLD Read’s Road Trip to Reading is a video series that provides resources to build reading skills. The information and activities are intended for parents and community members who work with students. The Road Trip to Reading shares some of the building blocks of reading and provides brief activities that can be done together.  

Video 1: Road Trip to Reading

Journey along with SLD Read toward improved literacy.  This video series explores the key components every child needs to become a skilled reader. Watch Tina Jordan, Curriculum and Instruction Manager for SLD Read’s Kalamazoo office, take you on an overview of the Road Trip to Reading in this video.

Additional Resources
Reading Rockets

Video 2: Sound City: Part One

The awareness of sounds in our language is one of the most reliable predictors of later reading ability.  Watch Tina Jordan, SLD Read’s Curriculum and Instruction Manager, explain how to develop your child’s sound and syllable awareness in Part 1 of Sound City.

Sound City Part 2

This video continues the exploration of the awareness of sounds in our language.  Tina Jordan,  SLD Read’s Curriculum and Instruction Manager,   shows you how to develop your child’s sound segmentation and its critical role in reading ability.