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Dyslexia Awareness

1 in 5 individuals in the United States have a learning difference such as dyslexia which impacts their capacity to learn to read. In recognition of Dyslexia Awareness Month this October, we are working to provide resources to help our communities recognize and celebrate the unique gifts of individuals with dyslexia and other reading differences.

Reading is a basic tool in the living of a good life. – Joseph Addison

At SLD Read, our vision is a community working together that empowers all individuals to achieve their full potential. To reach this vision, we are committed to increasing community awareness and understanding of literacy issues throughout West Michigan.

einstein sld Research has shown the brain of a person with dyslexia is wired differently than typical learners.  Individuals with dyslexia are quite bright and many, like Albert Einstein, have strong skills in areas other than reading; they have definite “smarts” in areas that others may not. In addition to Albert Einstein, a few success stories of individuals with dyslexia include Thomas Edison, Steven Spielberg, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Agatha Christie and Pablo Picasso.

Their ways of being smart have helped change the world.

This October, we invite you to join us as we celebrate the contributions of individuals with dyslexia!

Read the Official Proclamation here, October 2015: Dyslexia Awareness Month.

2015 October Series Workshops: Understanding Dyslexia

General Image call out for October Series 2015

Dyslexia is much more than reversing letters. People with dyslexia
actually have difficulty with processing language in one or more of the following areas: reading, spelling, listening, writing, memory, organization, time management, study skills, self-esteem, and other activities which impact everyday life.


Join us for one of this year’s October Series Workshops to learn more about dyslexia
and supporting struggling readers through research based methods and techniques.

Join the Conversation

1 in 5 individuals in the United States have a learning difference such as dyslexia which impacts their capacity to learn to read. Appropriate intervention is key to the success of these individuals. This month, we have shared some resources for recognizing some of the characteristics of dyslexia at different ages with many of our community partners.

A Month of Celebrating


A Month of Celebrating Dyslexia October 2015

Download A Month of Celebrating Dyslexia, a calendar which includes a fact and/or link related to events, individuals, videos and stories related to a contribution an individual with dyslexia has made in our world for each day in October.

A Month of Celebrating Dyslexia October 2015 (downloadable pdf)

Dyslexic Heroes

Dyslexic Heroes SLD Read poster


Special thanks to Aidan and Liisa Ogden at Dyslexic Kids for allowing us to use their Dyslexic Heroes poster as part of our Awareness Packet materials this year. To view more from Dyslexic Kids, visit their website!

Characteristics of Dyslexia by Age Group

We have taken our full list of Warning Signals from our Resource Page and created cards for specific age groups. You can download them here.

Resource Card for Preschool Age Children Warning Signals for Dyslexia

Resource Card K-4th Grade Warning Signals for Dyslexia

Resource Card 5th-8th Grade Warning Signals for Dyslexia

If you see one of our posters or information cards, share a picture or shout-out on our Facebook page or @sldreadmi on Twitter. You can follow the conversations and celebration through #dsylexiasmarts.

Einstein had dyslexia how are you smart

Support Awareness

You can support our vision of a community working together that empowers all individuals to achieve their full potential through sharing information and by helping fund our outreach activities. Through October 11, SLD Read is the charitable partner of Hold on to Hope. 50% of sales from t-shirts and sweatshirts in the SLD Read Shop will come back to SLD Read to support our workshops, resources and work in our communities.

Learn more or place an order at Hold on to Hope.

Special Thanks

A special thank you to our community partners who have helped make these Dyslexia Awareness Month activities possible for our communities:




Rivertown Crossings Barnes and Noble

Portage District Library

Grand Rapids Public Library

Jason King, Artist

Liisa Ogburn and Aidan, Dyslexic Kids

Hold on to Hope

Together, we make reading possible in West Michigan!