Language Links

About the Program:

Language Links is a pro-bono, school-based program which provides two hours per week of individual, specialized instruction to 1st -3rd-grade underserved children who are significantly below grade level in reading and spelling but do not receive Special Education services in either area. There is no charge for tutoring or assessment to either the parents or the school, and all tutoring is done during the school day.

The children in the Language Links program are selected by their teacher or principal and pre-tested by our Language Links Coordinator to make sure that our program is appropriate for the child. The child is post-tested at the end of each school year. The goal of the Language Links program is to enable the targeted students to establish a strong foundation in reading before moving into the upper elementary grades. Specifically, it is our goal that the students will acquire at least a twelve-month gain in reading during a nine-month school year and achieve a proficient reading score on the 3rd-grade state reading assessment.


Language Links Sites

Kalamazoo County

Kalamazoo Public Schools

Edison Environmental Academy

Greenwood Elementary

King-Westwood Elementary

Milwood Elementary

Parkwood-Upjohn Elementary

Woods Lake Elementary

Portage Public Schools

Amberly Elementary


Kent County

Grand Rapids Public Schools

Campus Elementary

Gerald R. Ford Leadership Academy

Mulick Park Elementary

Wyoming Public Schools

Parkview Elementary

Mecosta County

Big Rapids Public Schools

Brookside Elementary (Big Rapids Public Schools)

Crossroads Charter Academy