Rite Steps

About the Program:

The Rite Steps to Reading program, or Rite Steps, honors the legacy of the Children’s Dyslexia Center of West Michigan. This pro-bono, school-based program provides two hours per week of individual, specialized instruction to students in 4th-8th grade. Rite Steps specifically targets those students who are experiencing significant struggles with reading and learning in class. Additionally, these students qualify for Section 504 Academic Plans, have a diagnosis of Dyslexia, or have standardized test results that show a clear discrepancy between a student’s scores, ability, and achievement.

The Rite Steps program also aims to assist educators with best practices in instruction and assessment. SLD Read recognizes the difficulties that many educators experience when it comes to identifying and reaching a child with dyslexia. Without this identification, however, we can predict a wide range of unfortunate outcomes for these students, including low educational and professional achievement and serious health challenges. (Heckman & Kautz, 2013)



  • Southeast Elementary
  • Kelloggsville Middle School


  • Parkview Elementary

Big Rapids

  • Crossroad Charter Academy