Our NEW Story

A new way to reach students

Michelle Kamman has been tutoring at SLD Read for over a year. Michelle was an elementary grade school teacher before becoming a stay at home parent. “I wish I had been taught these principles in college. I could have applied these practices with my previous students. I think it would have made a positive difference.” Michelle sought out SLD Read when her daughter was struggling. She felt so passionately about SLD Read’s program Michelle became a tutor and is working with Lola, a 2nd grader.
As it has been said many times in recent weeks, social distancing has changed the way we do life. The ripple effects have impacted everyone, including our students. Michelle didn’t hesitate and signed up to be one of the first prototypes for tutoring via Zoom. She felt comfortable right away with the technology and was able to complete her lesson with only minor hiccups. “The biggest change is not being able to have the in-person interactions.” said Michelle. But the advantages make up for the lack of face-to-face time. “Without having to drive anywhere, we can log in to Zoom and start working! Small changes have also been fun, like using online letter tiles or an online spinner for our game that day!” Michelle continues to work with Lola twice a week on Zoom. She looks forward to seeing Lola in person, but until then Zoom learning is great!
During these times, SLD Read remains committed to its mission of supporting students who are most at risk of falling behind in reading, spelling, and writing. Online tutoring has provided a bridge for tutors to continue to engage with their students and provide direct, systematic, individualized instruction. This has helped SLD Read tutors to maintain the human connection while delivering impactful content. Developing new and maintaining continued collaboration with area schools and organizations will provide access to strategies and learning for at risk students.