Community Workshops

SLD Read’s Community Workshops are provided throughout West Michigan as part of our commitment to support literacy development for all learners. They are interactive workshops appropriate for parents, educators, childcare providers and all those who are passionate about literacy development.

community workshops


Our “Engage Their Brains!” workshops include:

  • Bridging the Reading Gap
    • This workshop series includes hands-on activities for supporting reading success. Topics covered include: brain development related to the “reading circuit”; learning styles and utilizing in a learning environment; simulations to “experience” breakdowns that can impact reading ability; and incorporating materials to support multisensory literacy activities in school, home or through play.
  • Understanding Dyslexia for Parents and/or Educators
    • The term dyslexia has Greek origins and is made up of two parts: dys meaning difficulty with and lexia meaning words. People with dyslexia will have difficulty with words, in one or more of the following areas:
      • reading
      • spelling
      • handwriting
      • listening
      • language expression (written and oral)
      • organizing information

      Research indicates dyslexia is caused by a genetically-based neurological deficit in the language processing centers of the brain. People with dyslexia have an average or above-average intelligence level, but process information differently from other people.

      Resources for Understanding Dyslexia

  • Reading Activities to Prevent the Summer Slide
  • ADHD and How it Affects Behavior and Reading
  • Seeing Our Kids Through a Different Lens:  The Effects of Poverty/Trauma on Brain Development and Literacy

Engage Their Brains! Workshops for Early Childhood Providers and Parents:

Each workshop listed below ranges from one to two hours:

  • Multisensory Activities for Pre-Readers to Promote Reading Success
  • Phonological Awareness Activities for Pre-Readers
  • Understanding Learning Styles for Preschool Parents
  • Literacy and the Brain

If you’d like to book a community workshop or have questions,

Please contact  Monica Crumback at 616.361.1182  or Contact Us online.