Professional Development and Coaching: Orton-Gillingham Approach

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The Orton-Gillingham based professional development offered by SLD Read focuses on language instruction using an evidence-based and multisensory approach to teaching. Professional development courses benefit both educators and tutors who guide those with dyslexia, learning differences and other reading challenges.  professional development

Accredited Courses

SLD Read has been offering in-depth Orton-Gillingham training in the area of language arts since 1974. Professional development courses provide information on the latest research, an explanation of structured language teaching, hands-on demonstrations and modeling of classroom techniques as well as strategies for implementation in the classroom. In addition, SLD Read materials provide reproducible materials and word lists for each lesson. SLD Read’s courses are nationally accredited by IMSLEC (International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council) and provide exceptional staff development in the Orton-Gillingham approach using evidence-based, multisensory strategies and tools to support all three tiers of RtI. Read More about Orton-Gillingham at SLD Read and what effective reading instruction includes according to the International Dyslexia Association. Our courses align with the Common Core State Standards and complement your current reading curriculum. State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) are available.

Michigan Educators participating in SLD Read Professional Development Courses:

  • Acquire multisensory teaching strategies and a comprehensive understanding of the structure of the English language
  • Gain the confidence and experience necessary to successfully teach reading and spelling.
  • Improve their ability to diagnostically plan and implement a lesson based on the diverse needs of their students.
  • Learn to teach Phonics Fundamentals © curriculum with fidelity resulting in sustainable success for their students.

Phonics Fundamentals© Overview:

  • A multisensory, systematic, phonics, and spelling program that bene­fits all students.
  • Thoroughly teaches the foundational skills of the CCSS, and supports the reading standards.
  • Addresses all ­ five areas of reading instruction (phonemic awareness, phonics and word study, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension), with an emphasis on systematic phonics and study of word structure and spelling rules.
  • Teaches all skills explicitly, sequentially, and systematically, with multisensory techniques.
  • Phonics Fundamentals© Inventory can be used to monitor student progress throughout the program.
  • A supplemental program designed to be used with the existing reading instruction.

Coaching for Fidelity of Implementation:   Based on the agreed upon schedule prior to the training course, an SLD Read trainer will meet with teachers to organize/review materials, assist with assessment and grouping of students, demonstrate techniques/lessons and observe teacher-led lessons.   In addition, a number of Q&A sessions will be scheduled with the SLD Read trainer to review material, answer questions and share successes!

Coaching is a valuable opportunity to:

  • Observe an SLD Read trainer working with your students
  • Discuss the teaching strategies
  • Reinforce the confidence necessary to ensure success
  • An opportunity to ask questions specific to your classroom

I feel that all teachers should go through this training – early childhood and so forth. The college courses are meaningful but phonological awareness is not taught in any college classes. – Kindergarten Teacher

I am writing as a GRPS teacher of 26 years.  I have taught grades K-4.  I have taken both Project Read and the Orton Gillingham training and used both in my classroom.  Having grown up in the 70’s I don’t really remember phonics instruction, I remember being a whole word reader.  The multi-sensory  approach of these two programs has really helped me to become a better reading instructor.  I believe that the direct and systematic approach is what a vast majority of our young readers and our older readers that are struggling need.  This approach works perfectly with our basal program as I use the basal for the comprehension and writing portion of my reading program. – March 2015

SLD Read Professional Development Course List

Registration is required for all of our training classes. Please contact Monica Crumback at 616.361.1182 to find out more. View our Calendar, register for upcoming classes with our Online Registration Form, or request additional information by Contacting Us.

Engage Their Brains! – Early Childhood

The workshop includes hands-on activities for supporting reading success. Topics covered include an overview of brain development during the first three years of life; learning styles and utilizing in a learning environment; alphabet activities; print awareness; phonological awareness; and incorporating materials to support these activities in the home or play areas.

Early Childhood Phonological Awareness

The first three years of a child’s life are the most important in establishing life-long language success. Their environment and experiences determine connections formed in the brain. Participants will learn pre-reading and reading, multisensory activities to steer young children down the road to success.

Phonics Fundamentals for Educators -Orton Gillingham Approach

Curriculum materials and activities including alphabetic and phonemic awareness strategies; structured review; multisensory reading, writing and spelling with phonetic and non-phonetic words; syllabication; and, guidance for lesson plans and classroom implementation. 13.5 SCECH available upon approval for 2020.  $750 per person.

Here’s what recent educators had to say after attending our training:

  “Loved the multisensory approach tied in with brain research.”
• “Suzanne Finney was phenomenal!”
• “Up-to-date, relevant and easy-to-use materials that will not require hours of teacher planning and research.”
• “The multisensory ideas to use with students. Showing how SLD or OG method is used within the classroom. Sequence chart. Grade level instruction.”
• “I would love my teachers and school to have access to your services. Van Buren County needs you and your knowledge.”
• “The why (rules) behind our written language to help students make sense of reading, spelling.”
• “Excellent training! Every elementary teacher could benefit from this training!”
• “A+ job! Great Job – best PD I’ve had since my Reading Recovery training!”
• “Heidi is a joy! She is flexible and understands we all have had different training/backgrounds and is knowledgeable about school curriculum being used.”
• “This needs to be taught to new teachers and K-3 teachers across the board! Thank you!”

Picture This! Comprehension Strategies

Curriculum materials and activities including language processing theory; organization of expressive language; method and implementation of teaching reading comprehension through visualizing and spoken language. 3 SCECH available.  $275 per person




Make It / Take It

Contact us  and reach out to our training department for more information about make it/take it workshops.

Phonological Awareness

Curriculum materials and activities including syllables; rhymes; phonemes (sounds); and manipulating phonemes within words. [This course material is also included in the Phonics Fundamentals courses] 3 SCECH available.

Attack 1-2-3

An interactive workshop that will provide you with strategies for attacking unfamiliar multisyllabic words by recognizing syllable patterns, identifying correct vowel sounds, prefixes/suffixes and using syllable division rules. 4 SCECH available.

I assess the reading abilities of students and so it is important to know the learning strategies that are used during reading instruction. The instructor provided us with an informative and interactive workshop which make learning reading strategies interesting and fun. - a School Psychologist

For Schools or Groups Requesting Professional Development or Reading Coaching

SLD Read can come to you! If you have 6 or more participants, we will come to you at a time that is convenient for your school or group. Group rates are available.

Questions about our Professional Development Services?

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