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COVID-19 has changed the world that we live in.  Education has been especially impacted.  It is hard to know the exact impact but it is clear that students are entering into the new school year with significant obstacles.  Especially students who are struggling to learn to read.  Now, more than ever, students are counting on us to provide needed support.  SLD Read has been active in adapting to providing literacy instruction and support to students, especially critical during this time of uncertainty as to what schools will look like in the months to come. Our dedicated staff and tutors have responded to changing needs with enthusiasm, and have found innovative online ways to continue to support the vision of SLD Read, working together for literacy to empower all individuals to achieve their full potential.

SLD Read’s Annual Drive

How can you help?  Become an SLD Read tutor, make a donation to support our intervention and professional development programming during our annual drive, talk to friends about SLD Read, or contact one of our offices to find out more!

In order to assure that more people who struggle with reading get the tools they need to succeed, we need your help. Make a contribution today and change the outlook for tomorrow.


annual drive

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Did You Know

In 2019/2020

SLD Read provided 11,654 sessions of one- to-one tutoring services to 346 students.

SLD Read provided 51 students free services through our Language Links Volunteer Program and Rite Steps Program.

SLD Read worked with 450 educators to help give them the tools necessary to reach all learners in their classrooms. 270 community members participated in 10 community awareness workshops.

SLD Read could not do this without the support of people like you!

Thank You!