473 Million Women Still Can’t Read

During Women’s History Month, all of us at SLD Read encourage you to think about what you can do to support female literacy at home and around the world. We are proud to be an organization managed and staffed primarily by women. We are keenly aware, every day, that without the ability to read, we could not do the important work that we do in our West Michigan communities. We also know that, without us, hundreds of students in our neighborhood schools would go without services. We serve both boys and girls, of course. We train both men and women. But this month, since it’s Women’s History Month, we direct your attention to the lives of girls and women and ask you to consider how literacy could obliterate false limits on their potential. Please follow the links below to become informed, and then contact us to find out how you can help. And tonight, if you can, sit down and read with a girl.



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