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Tutor Training – Kalamazoo

SLD Read new tutor training is a 32-hour course includes lecture, lesson demonstrations and hands-on practice including phonological awareness activities, multisensory techniques, structured language patterns and rules of the English Language. Phonics Fundamentals, the SLD Read program, is based on the Orton-Gillingham approach. Dates are January 11, 2020 through January 21 (Mondays through Thursdays) 10:00 […]

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Kalamazoo SLD Read tutors….REWARDS: the SLD Read Way!

Rewards is a great transitional curriculum to use with your student who has finished Phonics Fundamentals but is not quite ready for Advanced Language Skills.  Using the Rewards lessons, your student will review syllable patterns, prefixes and suffixes!  REGISTER BY 7/17/17 by emailing Heidi @ hturchan@sldread.org


Milk, White, Love

Take a moment and think about the word “multisensory”. Really think about it. I was given cause to recently when I read this lovely passage in an otherwise wrenching memoir by Mira Bartok: “One arrives at the color white through milk, to air from the color white, to dampness from air and on to Autumn.” […]